Auf OKiTALK - Silvia Bernhuber - the magic is inside your heart, it´s called love…- 13.11.2021 Ab 20 Uhr live -

Samstag, 13. November 2021 von 20:00 Uhr bis 21:15 Uhr

the magic is inside your heart, it´s called love…

“… the secret of becoming,

what you really are, is no longer a secret,

if you decide to live out of your heart…”


be part of the change

* live- talk 13.11.2021 - 20:00 bis 21:15 Uhr


in Folge ein Angebot von 5 Abenden:

* practicing, what is there


all my knowledge, wisdom, intuition out of experiencing life

will connect in this serie of Fridays evenings, where will study,

what our destinition is telling us to become


we will experiment with different tools on a level of equality


it starts as an exclusive living- room- study- group for 5 people

and will change after 5 evenings

2022 into a seminar-form, organized by all of you


19.11., 3.12., 17.12. 2021, 14.1., 28.1. 2022 * 17:00- 21:00

in 1180 Vienna or online, if needed for outer circumstances

€350.- (€70.-/ evening) or €320.- paid as a package till 5.11.2021 for information and organisation

+43-650-4793886 Dr. Silvia Anna Sanandarha Bernhuber

SANANDARHEA- Vision of Life

Dr. Silvia Anna Bernhuber


A-1180 Wien

0043/(0)650/479 38 86

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